Southern Cross Alpine Lodge

SCAL Rates - Friends Using PBS Entitlements

  The accommodation rates on this page apply from 07 October 2024 till 31 January 2025  
  Click here for accommodation rates from 06 June 2024 till 07 October 2024  
Catered (when available) Rates Adult Child Child Family    
from 07/10/2024 till 31/01/2025 (18+) (5-17) (3-4) Maximum    
  catered 2 nights rates   236   174   82 .50 851    
  catered 3 nights rates   315   232   109 .50 1135    
  catered 4 nights rates   386 .50 284 .50 134   1393    
  catered 5 nights rates   449   331   155   1618    
  catered 6 nights rates   504   371   174   1817    
  catered 7 nights rates   551   406   190 .50 1986    
  catered 8+ nights rates  are pro-rata the above 7 nights rates  
Self-Catered accommodation available outside of catered periods to approved small groups.

Important Information on "Friends" Rates and Booking Process

1)   Booking Conditions, including accommodation rates, are all subject to change at short notice.
2) The above rates apply to Friends of PBS members only to the extent of those members' PBS participation entitlements, subject to minimum booking periods & priorities per our Detailed Booking Allocation Process.
3) No further multi-night or early bird discounts currently apply.
4) All catered rates include 3 meals a day from dinner on arrival day till breakfast on departure day.
See guest-information/#arrival-lunch-church including Sunday BBQ lunch arrangements for more details.
5) Children under 3 are free but still need to be booked.
We have two portable cots and two high chairs which can be pre–booked.
6) Family Maximum rates cover parents and their immediate children aged 18 and under.
Note that each family is usually allocated only one room.
7) Payment is by Internet EFT please or at a Westpac bank branch.
EFT details are included when we invoice you.  Payment by credit card is no longer available.
8) Click here for detailed Booking Procedures and Booking Conditions information and BOOKING REQUEST FORM.