Southern Cross Alpine Lodge

Southern Cross Alpine Lodge Booking Request Form

BEFORE starting a Booking Request PLEASE READ our Booking Procedures and Booking Conditions.
Then submit your Booking Request by completing the following details & then clicking the Submit Form button near the foot of this page.  There may sometimes be slight response delays whilst you enter data, so please be patient.  Don’t navigate away from this page before you have successfully submitted the form, as you will lose your data and have to start again.
Within 2 or 3 seconds, this screen should update to show the Southern Cross Alpine Lodge Booking Request Form.  If the form doesn’t open, then click here to open the booking form, then complete and submit it.  The booking request form is easier to complete on a computer rather than on a phone or tablet.
When you click the above submit button, your input is checked.  Error messages may display requiring you to correct your input and then click the above submit button again.  If your input passes the checks, an onscreen message displays (replacing the form) advising whether a booking request email was sent successfully to your entered email address and to, but you are not advised whether your email address was entered correctly and thus whether that email was actually delivered to you.  So check that you receive the return email including booking request details which are complete & accurate.  If you have any problems completing and submitting a booking request, or you don't receive a copy of the emailed booking request, or you need to advise changes to a submitted request, then please email further details to