Southern Cross Alpine Lodge


Southern Cross Alpine Lodge, an incorporated Non-Profit Company which does not have share capital, introduced a membership scheme in the 1980s.  Approved applicants may become company members and then pay an initial company membership fee (currently $740) and subsequently an annual company membership fee ($125 for 2024 if paid by 29 February).  Members are not entitled to any return if the company were ever wound up – any proceeds would be reinvested in a similar venture.

Company members are encouraged to be actively involved in the ministry of Southern Cross and are eligible to stand for the Board of Directors – 4 directors are elected by members and 3 are appointed by Sydney Anglican Youthworks.

Southern Cross company members are eligible to join the Southern Cross Preferential Booking System (PBS) by paying one-off lump sum fee(s) to purchase PBS participation(s) in terms of the PBS Rules.

Southern Cross PBS participants receive Preferential Booking Priority and PBS member accommodation rates subject to the PBS Rules and Directors' Policy.

If you would like to know more details about Southern Cross membership, then please read the following Membership Information Pack documents, remembering that these need to be read in conjunction with each other to get a whole picture of who we are and also of the legal details of our Company Membership and of our Preferential Booking System (PBS) and Rules.  Note that some of these documents have not yet been updated to reflect our name change from Southern Cross Ski Chalet.
To read these documents you may need to Download Adobe Reader
If you have any problems downloading or reading these files, please contact us.

Information about Southern Cross, including Constitution and Membership (88 kb)
Southern Cross PBS Rules Document (132 kb)
Southern Cross PBS Rules Directors' Policy (60 kb)
Southern Cross Booking Procedures and Booking Conditions (Web Page)
Southern Cross Snow Season Booking Priorities (Web Page)
Southern Cross PBS Participant Accommodation Rates (Web Page)
Southern Cross Booking Request Form (Web Page)
Southern Cross Membership and PBS Application to Purchase Form (73 kb)

We also suggest that you also review the details on all our web pages including and

When you have made your way through these documents, if have any questions please contact us to discuss further.  To apply for membership, please complete an Application Form and forward together with a written reference from your minister.  You don't pay anything immediately.  Once your application is approved by our directors, we arrange the purchase of your PBS entitlement(s) for you at the current purchase price(s) which for 2024 are the transfer prices of $9,000 & $4,500 per Class 1 & Class 2 PBS participations respectively.  You then pay to Southern Cross your initial $740 company membership fee and the PBS purchase price(s).